This is the page about Gary's toy ball. If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see Gary's New Toy.

Gary's toy ball is a toy that Gary becomes obsessed with in the episode "Gary's New Toy."


It is a squeaky red toy ball made for pets.

Role in series

"Gary's New Toy"

SpongeBob wakes up to a bizarre day involving Gary chewing everything in his house from his slippers to his foghorn alarm clock. He wants to know what the meaning behind this is, so he asks Gary if he wants a new toy, to which the latter nods "yes."

The two of them go to the Pet Store to get him something new to chew on, but so far nothing interests Gary. However, that then changes when he encounters a red ball in a storage bin filled with toy balls, so SpongeBob buys it for him. He and Gary then go home so the latter can play with his brand new toy.

Gary likes it a little too much, even using his tongue to move it around all of his teeth. SpongeBob feels slightly isolated from his pet snail, though is at least glad he is not chewing on anything of his anymore. Gary also takes a romantic liking in the ball, in that he throws a tea party with it and even goes somewhere private so the two can kiss.

SpongeBob catches him in the act and convinces Gary to spend more time with him, to which the latter refuses. SpongeBob tells Gary that he will grow sick of the ball by the next day.

The following morning, SpongeBob catches Gary on the ceiling, chewing the ball. He then tells him to make a choice: the ball or him. Gary chooses the ball, leading SpongeBob to leave his house to go find a new life. Devastated from what he had done and that no one is there to feed him, Gary eventually finds SpongeBob under the bus stop bench and tells him that he wants him back in his life.

SpongeBob is happy that Gary made such a choice and finally decided to abandon the ball. At the end of the episode, the pineapple is set on fire and SpongeBob asks Gary if that was his ball upon a red toy ball coming out of the house, at which Gary angrily hisses.

"Bunny Hunt"

It is one of the things that the sea bunny burns in SpongeBob's house.