Gary's litter box is a litter box used by Gary. It first appears in the episodes "Dumped."


It is a litter box located in a private room in SpongeBob's house that serves as a bathroom for Gary and contains a sliding pet door. The box is orange and depicts Gary's name written in yellow on one side. However, in "Dumped" it is dark blue.

It is filled with litter for Gary to urinate or defecate on.

Role in series


SpongeBob convinces Gary to abandon Patrick and return to him. During the process, the former dumps the litter in the box onto himself and tells Gary that he doesn't need to use his litter box for bathroom purposes anymore and can go anywhere he likes.

"Gary in Love"

SpongeBob tries looking for Gary and presumes he is in his litter box, due to the seaweed noodle stew he was fed the preceding night. SpongeBob plugs his nose with a noseclip and pops his head through the sliding door to find Gary, but doesn't see him there.


SpongeBob hallucinates Sir Cecil the sleep wizard putting sleep dust on him, which in reality is just litter from Gary's litter box. SpongeBob then snaps back to reality when he wakes up in the litter box.

"Squirrel Record"

After the house of cards is destroyed by Patrick's baseball bat, SpongeBob runs home to clean Gary's litter box.

"Evil Spatula"

SpongeBob tosses the Sizzlemaster (controled by Plankton) into Gary's litter box which the Sizzlemaster has to clean and SpongeBob walks off. Plankton barks at Karen for adding "smell sensors" to the Sizzlemaster.

"Pineapple Invasion"

Plankton hides from Gary in his litter box. He munches on the snail litter and says that it tastes better than pineapple which he hates very much. He swallows the litter and continues searching through SpongeBob's house to find the Krabby Patty secret formula.

"Whirly Brains"

Patrick's Whirly Brain slices the pineapple peel off of SpongeBob's house, revealing Gary doing his business in his litter box. Scared, Gary hides himself in the curtain.


  • In the episode "Squirrel Record," there is an error in which SpongeBob initially refers to the litter box as a sandbox.