Gary's food bowl is a bowl that belongs to Gary the Snail and is seen in most episodes that feature him, starting with "Help Wanted."


It is often seen on top of two newspapers. The bowl is dark green and contains Gary's name on it in dark olive-green text.

Role in series

"Have You Seen This Snail?"

Gary leaves home because SpongeBob forgets to fill his food bowl and feed him. SpongeBob later realizes that Gary is missing when he looks at his empty food bowl.


  • Gary's bowl once read "LARY." This is because in the episode "Dumped," SpongeBob gets a new snail named "Lary."
  • In "A Pal for Gary," SpongeBob writes "/PUFFY FLUFFY" on it so it says "GARY/PUFFY FLUFFY." This is so Gary can share it with his "friend."
  • In some of the SpongeBob SquarePants video games, it is purple instead of green.
  • In "Rule of Dumb," Gary's bowl is orange instead of green.
  • In "Snooze You Lose," Gary's bowl is used as a popcorn bowl by SpongeBob.