Gary's Violin
Gary & 1 Violin
Type: Musical instrument
Appearance: "Something Smells"
List of objects

Gary's violin is a violin that Gary the Snail played while SpongeBob was chopping onions for his sundae in the episode "Something Smells."


Gary's violin appears to be a brown classical violin with four strings and a bow. The song Gary plays is called Lonely Violin. It has no tuning pegs, and is quite oblong.

Role in the episode

SpongeBob is adding ingredients for his sundae. He can't find anything in the cupboard but "boring" bananas and cherries, but finds a huge bag of onions and sets it on the table, saying, "Ah, here we go! Onions! Ready, Gary?" Gary is then shown with the violin and meowing. He begins to play a sad song on it, prompting SpongeBob to burst into tears, cutting up the onions as he does so. They fly into the sundae bowl, already filled with ketchup, and pile up high. The violin is not seen again after that .

Shower In A Can!
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  • The violin is only seen once, in the episode "Something Smells."
  • It is similar in appearance to The World's Smallest Violin. The only main difference between them is the enormous size difference.

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