Galleria Diphteria is an art gallery that Squidward Tentacles was invited to in "Squid Plus One."




The outside of the Galleria Diphteria appears as a rather large building that is dark pink in color. Some of its main features include a red carpet leading to the inside and two large lights. There are also two cactus-like plants just beside the doors of it.


Not much of the interior of the Galleria Diphteria is shown but a solid, golden floor can be seen.

Role in episode

Galleria Diphteria was only seen at the end of the episode "Squid Plus One." For the entirety of the episode, Squidward searched through Bikini Bottom trying to find someone to take to Galleria Diphteria. Eventually, Squidward manages to find someone and, at the grand opening of Galleria Diphteria, it turns out Squidward went with his own reflection.

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