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It all started when I was born.
— Squidward Tentacles, "SquidBob TentaclePants"

The fused-together characters are a fusion of almost all of the major characters. They get fused together when Squidward tries to fuse himself back together with SpongeBob.


When Squidward causes a molecular separator to malfunction, it fuses a bunch of the characters together.


  • The only characters of the main cast that are not fused together are Gary and Plankton.
  • There is a large blue eyeball near Squidward's head. It is unknown who the eye belongs to.
  • The gray part is spotted, has veins popping out, and is oozing.
    • It is unknown how the gray part existed, however, that could be the result of fusing a bunch of characters.
  • Despite Larry the Lobster being part of the fusion, seen in the scene before, he is not seen in the fusion.
  • This entity bears a resemblance of Tetsuo from Akira at his demise. Both are oozing blob-like creatures with veins popping out.
    • However, it seems like none of the parts of the Fused-together Character changes in size, unlike Tetsuo
  • It is unknown why Sandy's head doesn't have the helmet in the blob of characters, as there are visible clothes worn by the characters.
  • The tentacle on the bottom left side of the fusion bears a resemblance to Squidward's tentacles when he got shocked by the Security System 5000 in the episode Good Neighbors.
  • Patrick has some hairs on is head when he normally dosen't have hair at all.

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