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This is the page about Fun Arcade. If you were looking for the article about arcade from "Karate Star", then see Bikini Bottom Arcade.
Fun Arcade
Industry: Arcade
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Security Guard
Products: Change (money) for games
Appearance: "The Cent of Money"
List of places

The Fun Arcade is an arcade with video games and other slot machine-like games that operate on coins. Its only appearance is in the episode, "The Cent of Money."



The structure of the building is shaped like a metal bucket with silver coins in it. It has a large arrow-shaped neon sign that says "Fun" and another sign on the building that says "Arcade." The inside also features bathrooms and a change machine that accepts bills.

Role in the episode

Mr. Krabs goes to the Fun Arcade because he wants to collect coins with magnetic Gary. He dresses up like a pregnant woman so that the security will not notice him. The machine that gives change and all the arcade games are destroyed because Gary collects too many coins.

Associated characters


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