Fry Grease
Fry Grease
Type: Grease
Appearance: "Accidents Will Happen"
List of objects

Fry Grease is a liquid that only appears in the episode "Accidents Will Happen."


The fry grease is a yellow-green liquid that is seen in a light blue cylinder-shaped container. On the container, there is an orange square with a dark red outline that has the words "fry grease" in dark red writing.


After Squidward demands a tentacle massage, Mr. Krabs grabs a bucket of fry grease from the Krusty Krab's storage room to give him one. As Frankie Billy interrupts the process, Mr. Krabs force feeds him a Krabby Patty while his claws are covered with grease, much to Frankie Billy's discomfort.

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