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Fry Cook Museum

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Fry Cook Museum
Industry: Museum
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Lou
First appearance: "Neptune's Spatula"
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The Fry Cook Museum is seen in the episode "Neptune's Spatula." It is where people can look at frycook related items, including the Golden Spatula, which many people (including Larry the Lobster) have tried to take out of rock hard ancient grease. SpongeBob and Patrick visited this place in the episode, where SpongeBob takes out the golden spatula and Patrick observed many items.


The entire Fry Cook Museum is shaped like a Franklin pot oven. The sign is shaped like a spatula and it reads "Fry Cook Museum." The interior has blue walls and many items on display.


Many people (even non-fry cooks) have visited the Fry Cook Museum. SpongeBob and Patrick visited this. When Patrick visited, he wore a green cap, a purple shirt and also brought a shell-decorated camera with him. According to SpongeBob and an old lady who visited the museum, there is a "menu" section.


  • The Golden Spatula (The Tour Guide gets you through)
  • Hot Dog Stand (with the Hot Dog Vendor, Lou)
  • Krusty McPatty
  • Delicious-Looking Burger
  • Menu Section
  • Fork
  • Gift Shop

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