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Fry Boy

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Fry Boy
SpongeBob as Fry Boy
Residence: 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Krabby Patties
Occupation(s): Superhero
Aliases: SpongeBob SquarePants
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow (with light olive green holes and black hair)
Eye color: Light blue
Classification: Sponge
Friends: Squidward Tentacles
Eugene H. Krabs
Mermaid Man
Barnacle Boy
Employer: Himself
Mr. Krabs (Possibly)
Enemies: Plankton
Series information
Appearance: "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob"
Portrayer: Tom Kenny
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Fry Boy, Defender of the Krabby Patty is an alter-ego of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Fry Boy looks similar in appearance to SpongeBob except he wears a superhero suit with a cape and two spatulas put in his belt. He has dark black hair (which is unusual, because SpongeBob does not usually have hair, it is possibly a wig).


  • Krabby Patty Toss - Fry Boy can use his two spatulas to throw Krabby Patties at his enemies.
  • Elastic Arms - Fry Boy can extend his arms and then wrap them around pieces of coral to slingshot his enemies back to him.


I can turn into a skyscraper!
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  • "FryBoy, Defender of the Krabby Patty!"
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