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Friendship Ring

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Friendship Ring
First appearance: "The Secret Box"
Latest appearance: "Band Geeks"

The Friendship Ring is a ring featured in the episode "The Secret Box" and during the Sweet Victory song in "Band Geeks." SpongeBob and Patrick own it.

Looks & Song

It is a golden-bronze ring with SpongeBob and Patrick inside it. The song goes like this:

It's the best friends forever,
Best friends forever, ring!


SpongeBob and Patrick were having an argument during the time of Patrick's Secret Box. Patrick made a threat to SpongeBob that if he didn't stop trying, they would no longer be friends. SpongeBob didn't listen and then forced himself to get the box, making a lot of noises. SpongeBob had to prove he was not the Clam Burglar, and show the Friendship Ring, making Patrick sad and angry.

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