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Free Toy
Type: Toy
Appearance: "Waiting"
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The Rocko is a free toy SpongeBob receives in a package when he sent in 99 box tops from his favorite cereal, Kelpo, in the episode "Waiting."


This toy is small and its main color is bright green. It has big eyes that are blue, like SpongeBob's eyes, and it wears a purple shirt on its body. It has an orange button on it's shirt. It is always smiling, showing a single tooth and his tongue, and it wears black shoes. This toy's head looks like a four-leaf clover. 


SpongeBob works very hard to get the toy, and keeps on eating Kelpo and waiting for it to arrive. He is so focused on the toy that he pushes away his hunger, fun, and even Gary. The button on its chest can be pushed for its legs and arms to spring in and out. SpongeBob thinks that Patrick broke it when he pressed the orange button and the toy's legs and arms spring out. This leads to SpongeBob and Patrick getting into a fight, and Squidward pushing the toy's head and legs back on its body.

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  • When Patrick first "breaks" the toy, he taps its head, rather than pressing the button, which is what should cause the "breakage" (as SpongeBob first thought had happened), and when Squidward makes its limbs spring out, he only taps its head, then it comes together again.

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