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Free Sample Krabby Patty

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Plankton with a fake Krabby patty.

The Free Sample Krabby Patty is a chum patty disguised as a Krabby Patty that was sold by Plankton in the episode "Free Samples."


This 'Krabby Patty' was made by Plankton in an attempt to make everyone despise Krabby Patties. It consists of buns, is very sloppy, and disgusting, as it contains Plankton's Chum, which hardly anyone likes. When everyone ate it, they began to hate Krabby Patties. However, SpongeBob sold the real ones, called them new, and everyone liked them again, much to Plankton's dismay.

Angry Jack close-up
"We paid ten dollars for this?"

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