This is the page about Fredrick T. Nitpick. If you were looking for the article about Karen's father, then see Fredrick.

Fredrick T. Nitpick is a famous art critic who only appears in the episode "The Googly Artiste."


Fredrick T. Nitpick is a tall, lavender fish who has light teal fins and legs. He wears a black suit with a white shirt and a light purple bow tie. He is also bald and has a small beard.


Fredrick T. Nitpick first appears beside Squidward wanting to find good art to buy. Squidward shows him his sculpture but Nitpick dislikes it. Nitpick takes Squidward's baret. Then, he walks over to SpongeBob where he shows him his birdhouse. Nitpick dislikes it as well. Then, he walks over to Patrick where he sees his "art." Surprisingly, Nitpick likes Patrick's creation and pays him five hundred dollars for it. He then walks off with Patrick's art, leaving Squidward angry. Later, he appears judging Patrick's new "art". He announces it as the next big thing which attracts all of Bikini Bottom.

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