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Title Role(s) in episode
"Reef Blower" (tr) Driving a boatmobile
"Ripped Pants" (tr) Watching weight lifters at Goo Lagoon
"Boating School" (tr) Says "My Leg" twice; crossed street on boating course
"Home Sweet Pineapple" (tr) His boatmobile is eaten by Nematoads.
"Hall Monitor" (tr) Says "My Leg" when SpongeBob was on patrol
"Patty Hype" (tr) Called Fred by Tom.
"Jellyfish Hunter" (tr) He is the first to try SpongeBob's "Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly", and sings a song proclaiming how he loves it and he said "MY LEG" during when he is kicked out.
"All That Glitters" (tr) A variant of this model buys SpongeBob an extremely expensive spatula, which he gives up everything he owns, including his clothes, to buy. He is also seen in this episode saying "Monster Krabby Patty?!".

  • In "Band Geeks", he was injured on Day 2, but then was later was seen in the near end of the episode.
  • In "Christmas Who?," he is seen married to Sadie and called SpongeBob "Mr. Fairy Tale" then drives away with her and their daughter.
  • In "As Seen on TV", Fred asks SpongeBob to sign to his tail fin after he asked for a napkin.
  • In "Sing a Song of Patrick", Fred leads an angry mob against SpongeBob and Patrick due to Patrick's horrible song.
  • In "Slide Whistle Stooges", Fred has apparently a heart disease, he was pale, as his wife Sadie has seen pushing his chest and the heart monitor said that he had no pulse so it indicated that he had a heart attack.
  • In "Something Smells," a blue Fred was seen twice. After SpongeBob's ball of bad breath knocks out the marching band, in the movie theater he smelled SpongeBob's breath, screamed "DEUUEAUGH!!" and end up being a phenomenon on YouTube.
  • In "Culture Shock", right after Pearl goes on and does her cheerleading act for the talent show. He is later shown buying tomatoes from Mr. Krabs to throw at Squidward, and says that they are worth every penny.
  • In "No Nose Knows," his voice is feminine and later changed his voice to masculine.
  • In "Bossy Boots", Fred is not voiced by Doug Lawrence, but by a voice actor who made him sound much, much older than he typically sounds.
  • In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic", Fred is one of Kevin's disposed off fans lying in the abyss.
  • Fred actually makes a cameo in the Krusty Krab Training Video segment 'The Krusty Krab Today' eating a Krabby Patty. Tom Smith also appears drinking a soda.
  • In "Doing Time", he is seen mopping the floor, continuing even after the hall is flooded by Fruit Punch.
  • In "Pet or Pests", a blue Fred was a garbageman, and his partner found five babies of a rare species.
  • In "No Hat for Pat", a blue Fred being a friend to Shubie.
  • His eyes caught fire and he got a sunburn when he saw King Neptune's bald spot in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, yelling out "MY EYES!"
  • In "Squid's Visit" he is shown eating at a restaurant while SpongeBob begs Squidward to visit him.
  • In "Chocolate with Nuts", he is buying their chocolate to help his wife grow a beard.
  • In The Inmates of Summer, he was a prisoner in Inferno Island. He can be seen singing and dancing the song "Together" which the Warden really liked their performance.
  • In Professor Squidward he is the cameraman that arrives in Squidward's class.
  • In "Suction Cup Symphony" he is the person who says that Squidward's the real composer.
  • In "Arrgh" he walks in the Krusty Krab before Mr. Krabs throws him out. He also said MY LEG before he hit the ground.
  • Saying "MY LEG!". For the episodes he said "MY LEG!", check out the the "MY LEG!" collection.
  • In Party Pooper Pants, he was revealed to wear glasses. He also was revealed to have been in Mrs. Shell's kindergarten class with SpongeBob.

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