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Frank-Ralph is a brown fish that is a citizen of Bikini Bottom wearing a red shirt. His name is mentioned in Hall Monitor, but his real debut is shown in Valentine's Day. His name was finally revealed in "Krusty Dogs."


  • Throughout the series, Frank is constantly ripped off or scammed out of money, possibly a running gag in the show.
    • In Bucket Sweet Bucket, he complained about the new price of twenty-five dollars for a Krabby Patty but decided to buy four anyway when he liked the new decor.
    • During the episode, Krusty Kid's Meal, he was going to buy the new kids meal for just two dollars only to get Mr. Krabs to double it.
    • In The Clash of Triton, Bikini Bottomites were going to watch King Neptune eat for five dollars, but Krabs didn't want to give change for a twenty.
    • In Kracked Krabs, there was a video showing Frank being ripped off by getting charged three times for a bag of chips with triple flavor.
  • In Chum Bucket Supreme when he is approaching the register at the Chum Bucket, his shirt was red. At the next shot, the shirt is blue.
  • In Once Bitten, despite that he was bitten, he somehow managed to survive the infection (or thinking he was infected) therefore he never became a zombie. He was able to stand upright as well. He is seen in the mob of survivors that are using the Krusty Krab as a safe zone.

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