Franco is a male fish who is a student at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, and has his first appearance in the episode "Ripped Pants."


Franco is a male mustard yellow fish with dark orange fins, dark orange lips, and dark orange legs. He wears a black shirt.


Franco appeared in the episodes "Ripped Pants," "Squirrel Jokes," and "Patty Hype." Franco was part of the audience laughing in "Squirrel Jokes."


  • Get on with the squirrel jokes!
  • Squirrel jokes! [repeated several times along with other fish]
  • Ha ha ha! [repeated several times along with other fish]
  • SpongeBob! SpongeBob! [repeated several times along with other fish]
  • [female voice] We want a refund, Krabs!


  • In the episode "Patty Hype," Franco has a female voice when asking Mr. Krabs for a refund.

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