Forever Glue
Type: Glue
First appearance: "Squid's Visit"
Latest appearance: "Stuck in the Wringer"
List of objects

Forever Glue is permanent glue used by Patrick in the episode "Stuck in the Wringer." As its name states, Forever Glue has the ability to stick anything together forever. However, Forever Glue can be washed off with tears as revealed at the end of the episode. Patrick also used a slightly different version of it in "Squid's Visit" to glue apart a puzzle.


Forever Glue appears to be a small, white bottle with an orange top. The front side of the bottle is blue and says "Forever Glue" at the top in white.


Title Role(s) in episode
"Squid's Visit" (tr) Debut
"Stuck in the Wringer" (tr) Minor


  • The glue's "Forever" part of it does not really last like the name says because the glue can be easily removed by tears. This has been proven at the end of "Stuck in the Wringer." Therefore, it really is not forever glue at all. Just strong, regular glue at best.
  • It appears that Patrick has used it before because, on the top, there is dry glue.
  • Its name and concept may be a parody of Krazy Glue.

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