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Scottish Fish holding plaid Pretty Patty

Fish throughout the series, appear to have a reputation of being foreign, and are seen in a few episodes.

Character Count

  • Hungarian Fish: A Man that appears in Fungus Among Us and Drive Thru and is the Krusty Krab's Health Inpestor
  • Swedish Couple: They appear in What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, living in New Kelp City. They are look-alikes, of Harold, and Millie. They are seen going through SpongeBob's clothes.
  • Scottish Man: A Blue fish that resembles Fred, that appears in Pretty Patties. He appears saying that Pretty Patties remind him of home, seeing how they are Plaid. The Scottish Fish made another minor appearance with many other Scottish fish in a parade in SpongeBob's Last Stand.
  • Sandy's Scottish Cousin: He appears in Stanley S. SquarePants and in Rodeo Daze.

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