Charles and Foofie
Foofie (right) and Charles (left)
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Fashion
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark tan
Eye color: Black
Classification: Snail
Series information
Appearance: "Grooming Gary"
List of characters

Foofie is Charles' pet sea snail. He only appears in the episode "Grooming Gary."


He has a black mustache. He also has a shiny golden shell and a diamond collar. He also has a monocle and fancy black hair. His skin is light purple and he has a faded orange color on his shell along with some spots. However, he does not like the over-pampering he has been given by Charles.

Foofie had won the Bikini Bottom Pet Show five times in a row until Patrick won the competition in "Grooming Gary."


  • "Meow."
  • "Grrrrrrrrrrrr!"


  • His hair loosely resembles Elvis Presley's.
  • The TV closed-captions misspell his name as "Foofy."

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