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Flying Dutchman's Ship

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Flying Dutchman's Ship
Spooky ship
Industry: Ghost Ship
Founder: Flying Dutchman
Employment: Perfume workers
First appearance: "Shanghaied"
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The Flying Dutchman's Ship is the flying ghost ship that The Flying Dutchman uses during his appearances, and as his means of transportation.



On the Ship

It appears many times throughout the SpongeBob series. The Dutchman held SpongeBob and Patrick captive on his ship and in the episode Shanghaied. During that episode, it was revealed that there is a perfume store in the ship and SpongeBob and Patrick had to wear face-masks when they went into the store because people are always spraying perfume. The ship has a green glow surrounding it. It also has a Jolly Roger on the mast.

Perfume department

The perfume department on Flying Dutchman's Ship


  • In "Shanghaied," the Flying Dutchman's Ship got stripped of the wood coating quite a few times, leaving the Flying Dutchman in deep despair and anger.
  • Oddly in the same episode, the Flying Dutchman's ship also contains a perfume department which SpongeBob and Patrick used to escape their locked room.
  • It looks more like Blackbeard's Ship, "Queen Ann Revenge," then the actual ship called "The Flying Dutchman".

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