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Flipper's Donuts
Patrick-Man! 15a1
Industry: Donut shop
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Products: Donuts
Appearance: "Patrick-Man!"
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Flipper's Donuts is a donut shop in Bikini Bottom. It briefly appears in the episode "Patrick-Man!"



It is a red shop with yellow trim. Its sign consists of a striped pink donut with a wooden plank on its side that reads "Flipper's Donuts" in pink lettering.


Patrick-Man! 15a2

One of the donuts sold at Flipper's Donuts.

In the episode "Patrick-Man!" Patrick can be seen rummaging in a dumpster behind the shop. He finds a purple frosted donut in the dumpster and eats it.


  • It is one of at least two donut shops in Bikini Bottom. The other is Donuts from the second movie.

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