Well make up your mind. Is it water or fire?
— Patrick Star, Pet Sitter Pat

A flamethrower is a weapon that appears in the episodes, "Patty Hype," "Pet Sitter Pat," and "Are You Happy Now?"


There are two types of flamethrowers: a tube-like one that Mr. Krabs owns, and a high tech gun that Patrick and Fiasco own.


In "Patty Hype," Mr. Krabs uses a flamethrower to burn a Pretty Patty because he thought it had spoiled. In "Pet Sitter Pat," Patrick uses a flamethrower to trick Gary into wanting to take a bath. In "Are You Happy Now," "Fiasco" uses it to burn a piece of art that Squidward made.

Characters who used it


  • Despite being underwater, the fire doesn't go out.

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