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N. Unofficial Name

This page contains information on a subject that does not yet have an official name. Once an official name is given to the subject or character, this template can be removed.

Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Orange-yellow
Eye color: Orange
Series information
Appearance: "Procrastination"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Flame was a character that appeared briefly in the episode "Procrastination." 


He is an orange-yellow flame, with a face at the base of the flame. He uses his burning body to burn SpongeBob's essay and house down in a dream.


He burned SpongeBob's essay since it wasn't finished and his time was up. He then burnt down SpongeBob's House. The Flame was only seen during SpongeBob's dream in that episode.


  • "Only 799 words to go!"
  • "Nihehehehehehehe!!!"

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