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Flabby Patty Shack

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The Flabby Patty Shack is a dinning place that is the rival to The Krusty Krab. The only food they sell is the rival to the Krabby Patty, the Flabby Patty. It was really a trick by SpongeBob to get Plankton and Mr. Krabs to work together so they would be friends again. It only appeared in The Other Patty.



The outside of the Flabby Patty Shack appears to be very small. It is made many of wood and has a metal roof. It also has a large sign that resembles a Flabby Patty and says "Flabby Patty" on it.


The inside of the Flabby Patty Shack also is very small and tight inside. It has a door that leads to the back where the Flabby Patties are made in.

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