Fizz Bomb Cola, shortened to Fiz on the bottle, is a brand of soda that SpongeBob and Patrick like to drink in the episode "Snooze You Lose."


It is a brand of soda that comes in a lime green bottle. There is a blue label in the middle with the word "fiz" transcribed in purplish-red letters and illustrations of bubbles, as well as a blue cap on top. Although the bottle reads "Fiz," SpongeBob reveals its name to be "Fizz Bomb Cola." It is shown to make its consumers belch in loud volumes.

Role in episode

When staying for a sleepover at his house, Patrick enthusiastically watches SpongeBob increase in width and loudly burp upon consumption of Fizz Bomb Cola's contents, which ends up interrupting Squidward's sleep. Patrick then consumes the cola and loudly burps through his eyes.

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