Fish sticks! Get your fish sticks here!
— Vendor selling fish sticks after an audience-frying incident
Fish Sticks
Producer: Patrick Star
Type: Food
Appearance: "The Fry Cook Games"
List of objects

Fish sticks are a food that appear in the episode "The Fry Cook Games."

Role in series

In "The Fry Cook Games," Patrick Star accidentally flips the giant frying container and senss dlying hot oil onto some of the audience, who all happen to be fish.

They are later mentioned in the episode "Don't Look Now" when SpongeBob and Patrick mistake Squidward for the Fisherman from the horror movie they saw the same night and are worried that he will turn them into fish sticks.


  • Technically, a fish eating a fish stick would be cannibalism, but it might have just been put in as a joke.

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