Fish Snag
Industry: Fair Game
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "The Whole Tooth"
List of places

Fish Snag is a fair game that appears in the episode "The Whole Tooth." It is one of the games at the Bikini Bottom Fair.



The Fish Snag stand is a red and purple striped building with a rectangular hole at the front for fair-goers to play. This hole is surrounded by wooden boards. Above the hole is a teal sign that reads, "Fish Snag." On the top of the roof is a blue and light blue striped awning, and at the top of the awning is a giant orange fish, held to the roof by a stout gray pole. Inside the building are three fishing poles, and five orange fish held by white string.


  • The name, "Fish Snag," may have came from a mostly illegal fishing method called, "snagging," where fishers catch fish without the use of bait.

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