Fish Hooks Park

Fish Hooks Park

Fish Hooks Park in Operation Krabby Patty

Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
First appearance: "Hooky"
Latest appearance: Operation Krabby Patty
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Fish Hooks Park is a location in Bikini Bottom that first appeared in the episode "Hooky." It is an area where fish hooks are located. Sea creatures like SpongeBob or Patrick can choose to ride some of the hooks and jump off from a hook at a good moment or reach the surface and windup as Tuna or end up as an item in a gift shop.



  1. "Hooky"

Video games

  1. Legend of the Lost Spatula
  2. SuperSponge
  3. Operation Krabby Patty


  • Patrick thinks it is a carnival.                    
  • Two of the fishermen are played by John Lurie and Jim Jarmusch.
  • The name was revealed in SuperSponge after completing Sandy's Treedome stage.
  • It is unknown why SpongeBob would even think of himself becoming Tuna when people cannot even use a sponge for Tuna. Also, people do not eat sponges, they would use sponges for cleaning.

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