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Charlie the ghost
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): First mate
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Friends: Lord Poltergeist's crew
Employer: Lord Poltergeist
Series information
First appearance: "Ghoul Fools"
Latest appearance: "Séance Shméance"
List of characters

Charlie was one of the ghosts who appears in the episode "Ghoul Fools." He also appears in the episode "Séance Shméance."


He is a skeleton ghost that has one eye in the center of his face.


Ghoul Fools

During the song, he states that the crew sleeps in coffins and uses spider webs as pillows. He also tells Lord Poltergeist that their head gasket is broken and they need a new one. Later when they replace it, the house boat starts breaking down. Poltergeist asks what is wrong, Charlie tells him that the engine is on fire before it blows up.

Séance Shméance

He appears as a ghost returning to Rusty's Rib Eye, and haunting the Krusty Krab.


Shower In A Can!
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