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SpongeBob has the most semi nude moments of any cartoon character. This is a list of every episode where he has ended up either outside of or away from his his pineapple in his underwear WITHOUT his sleeves.


  1. Ripped Pants - Only one close up shows him without his sleeves after he rips off his pants.
  2. Plankton! - Plankton uses a mind control device to get SpongeBob out of bed without putting his pants on and walks him all the way to the Chum Bucket. ("I guess I'm not wearing any pants today.")
  3. Hooky - SpongeBob takes off his pants, only to find that the hook is now clinging to his underwear.
  4. Squid's Day Off - SpongeBob gives his pants to Squidward.
  5. Prehibernation Week - In a panicked attempt to escape Sandy, SpongeBob gets his pants caught on a coral branch but manages to slip out of them and slide under Patrick's rock, only to get thrown back out. (" a man!")
  6. Best Day Ever - The nematodes eat SpongeBob's pants. SpongeBob also takes off pants in search of a ticket for Squidward's clarinet recital.
  7. Not Normal - In a test to reweird himself, SpongeBob and Patrick remove their trousers and go watersliding.
  8. To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants - SpongeBob appears in his underwear at the start and end of this episode. At the start where he finds a pair of roundpants at the dry cleaners, and at the end where he takes them off at the Krusty Krab, when Sandy takes notice and he screams in embarassment.
  9. Grooming Gary - SpongeBob leaves the house in his underwear three times at the start of this episode.
    • In search of Gary.
    • Testing Gary's slime viscosity.
    • Gary finds him outside with his shell.
  10. Porous Pockets - SpongeBob goes to the beach in his underwear instead of a bathing suit like Patrick. A shot from this scene has also been made into an animated GIF.
  11. Shell Shocked - Gary locks SpongeBob outside in the middle of the night.
  12. A Pal for Gary - SpongeBob chases Puffy Fluffy outside.
  13. SpongeBob's Last Stand - The police drops SpongeBob and Patrick off at the edge of nowhere, blowing off their clothes and they remain in their underwear until the completion of the new Shelly Superhighway.
  14. The Abrasive Side - SpongeBob wakes up on the sidewalk before getting dressed.
  15. Love That Squid - SpongeBob loses his clothes as he and Squidward tumble down the stairs and end up in his front yard.
  16. Little Yellow Book - Squidward turns the radio to the Bikini Bottom Municipal Anthem, causing SpongeBob to take off all of his clothes and dance around in his underwear. When SpongeBob sees everybody laughing at them, and that Squidward has gotten a hold of his diary, he runs away crying, only to bump into a plaid-dressed Krabs and cluck like a chicken.
  17. Don't Look Now - SpongeBob and Patrick take Squidward to the hospital after trading their underwear.
  18. Lost in Bikini Bottom - SpongeBob steps outside on his way to the Krusty Krab before he takes notice, pulling on his briefs and running back inside to fetch his pants.


  1. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (video game) in the PC version SpongeBob starts out in his underwear and is playable this way. If the player tries to leave his pineapple however, he will face them and say "I can't go outside in my underwear!"

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