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This game is really all momentum, balance, crawling, and a lot of patience.

Imagine for a moment that you're a sponge in the ocean driving a boat with rocks for wheels. You have to come to terms with your P.O.S. transportation and trying to get to wherever you need to be. It may also help to envision yourself actually in the ocean, because what physics the game has, it does *somewhat* simulate being in water with semi-low-gravity.

CONTROLS: Left Arrow: lean left Right Arrow: lean right Up: Accelerate Down: Brake, Reverse


Rocks Purple Sponges (can be used as ramps in some places) Yellow Sponges (staggered height, bumping into them will bounce you back with the same force) Green Sponges (Sometimes used as ramps)

LEVEL 1: 0:00 Jump the first rock and land in the pit. If you don't have enough momentum to get on top of the first plateau, try landing flat, then reverse to the starting post and drive forward by pressing the down and right arrows. Next, imagine that that rock with algae sticking out of it is actually a ramp that will launch you to the next section. Slowly climb the rock and you'll notice you can just float through it nicely. To get up the large incline, simply press and hold down the up & right arrow keys at the same time.

LEVEL 2: 0:46 Climb over the first rock / sponge, but make sure that you have enough momentum to land on both wheels. Immediately brake. You really don't need a lot of gas to get over the gap. Keep your first wheel up just a tad. Ideally you'd like to get to the other side without hitting the rock / sponge. If you do hit it, you'll be able to right yourself and then start to SLOWLY crawl over the sponge and rocks. If you get stuck, just reverse a little bit and then accelerate. The rest of this level is crawling. Slowly go over the 3 rocks while holding down up / right arrows. On the decline, just apply the brake and let yourself slide down slowly. Now celebrate your level two victory with a flip on the green algae!  :D

LEVEL 3: 1:51 Just like level 2, accelerate to get up the rocks and brake slowly on the way down. Keeping the front or rear wheel grounded helps prevent tumbling. Go up the incline, crawl the algae / sponge, land, then brake. Now you'll go on a decline with a single sponge. Here you can either try to jump it as you're going down or (like I did) wedge the boat into the sponge and reverse a bit to get on top of it without too much speed. Now here's the tricky part: The best way to get over the two sponges on the decline is to do a flip off of the first rock / sponge, land flat and hope that you make it to the finish line. Isn't this fun?

LEVEL 4: 2:48 Get down the first slope. You can either go slowly or coast over the first sponge like I did. I preferred to back up all the way to the YS and get my momentum for the jump. Now when you do get to the other side, try to brake immediately so you don't topple like I did. Much of this also depends on the angle you land, and where you land. Now, slowly climb up the angled cliffs with your trusty up / right arrow combo until you're at the very top. Remember level 1? Sort of the same idea, but you're really trying to get over or on that algae looking pyramid. Once you've done this, it's on to. . .

LEVEL 5: 4:56 Start off by climbing the stupid little rock at the beginning. GET SOME MOMENTUM GOING and jump on to the first ramp. Once you're over this shark-fin-looking ramp, you'll be facing a similar incline with a rock / sponge combination.... Now, if you look in my video at 5:50 it looks like the hand of god throws spongebob and his stupid little boat off the screen while I was just trying to crawl off. So..Be careful. It might be a glitch.

Now that you're past the two shark fins, you're ready for the grand finale. This is definitely the make it or break it moment. You don't have to go fast here, but you also don't want to go slow. If you watched racer's video you'll notice that he goes really fast over and magically lands in the pit. I tried this, but found that it was easier to just initially brake at the top of the slope and ride it like a roller coaster, down and up. Now all you have to do is right yourself and up / right arrow all the way to the top. Land on both wheels and now you're a winner!

Things to keep in mind:

  1. 1 - GO SLOW (if you're horrible at this, like me)
  1. 2 - Just because you're vertical on wheel, on either side doesn't mean the game is over. You can "right yourself" by hitting another object or shifting left and right until you get back down on two wheels.

You can see an example of this on my other video @ 1:41 on level 3:

  1. 3 - Purple Sponges on levels 1 & 4 are basically invisible ramps

TL;DR - Go slow, keep trying

Play the game here:

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