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Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Art, making paintings
Occupation(s): Famous artist
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Series information
First appearance: "Fiasco!"
Latest appearance: "Are You Happy Now?"
Portrayer: Tom Kenny
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Fiasco is a famous artist that only appears in the episodes "Are You Happy Now?" and "Fiasco!" It is rather unlikely that he will ever appear in another episode again, as he stated that he will never make art again at the end of "Fiasco!," and has not been seen since.


Fiasco is an old, tall, light blue fish. He has gray, thinning hair. He also wears clothes including a jacket on top of a white shirt and cargo pants.


"Are You Happy Now?"

Fiasco is seen briefly at the Art Museum, and is called be a 'performance artist'. He 'critiques' Squidward's sculpture by saying: 'Squid... Ward... Go towards... The light... Of my flamethrower!' He then melts it with his flamethrower due to his disliking of it.


Fiasco appears as a somewhat major character in this episode. He is first seen in the Krusty Krab squirting ketchup and mustard together on a plate then leaves for almost the rest of the episode. Fiasco isn't seen again until the end of the episode, when he is moved by Patrick's stomach art. He then stated that he will 'never paint again'.


  • Fiasco is a reference to the famous artist Pablo Picasso.
  • Fiasco's art style is a reference to Jackson Pollock's abstract paintings
  • Fiasco is one of the few non-main characters to have an episode named after him

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