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Female Skier

Female Sky

027a - Prehibernation Week 143

Interests: Skiing
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Light blue
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Male Skier (possibly)
Enemies: Possibly Sandy Cheeks
Series information
Appearance: "Prehibernation Week"
List of characters

The Female Skier is a character that Sandy passes while she is sandboarding on Sand Mountain. She only appears in the episode, "Prehibernation Week."


She is light blue and has yellow hair. When she skis, she wears a purple and pink ski outfit.


She appears when Sandy passes the Female Skier and the Male Skier and removes some of the Female skier's clothing and changes the outfit of the male skier.


Relationship with the Male Skier

She seems to have a fairly friendly relationship with the male skier. She may be friends with him or the two could be complete strangers.

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