The Feather Friends was a club that SpongeBob and Patrick created to cheer up Squidward after he was banned from coming back to the Cephalopod Lodge in the episode of the same name.


At one time, Squidward joined the Cephalopod Lodge. This made him happy on every third Wednesday of every month, when the Lodge met.

One time, SpongeBob and Patrick followed him to an initiation to the Lodge. When Roger spotted them, they were kicked out and Squidward was banned.

On the way home, SpongeBob and Patrick created a new club for Squidward, of which he would be leader. The next day, Squidward got chicken robes delivered to him from the "Feather Friends." When Squidward begged to be let back in to the Lodge, the Feather Friends were together forever.


  • Chicken Costumes


  • Initiation: Being stung by a jellyfish on the tongue.
  • Secret Hand Shake: Paddy-Cake without using pinkies.



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