Farfel Bainbridge is an art evaluator/museum curator who appears in the episode "Fiasco!." He is capable of sniffing out artwork and determining its value through its scent.


He is thistle-colored with a dark purple fin, a pointed snout, and sharp teeth. He might be a shark because of his teeth, or a billfish (like a marlin), since his fin is closer to that of a billfish than of a shark.


Farfel introduces himself at the Krusty Krab during an argument between Squidward and Mr. Krabs over whom Fiasco's artwork belongs to. Using his ability to sniff out artwork and determine its value, he declares the piece a national treasure, thus meaning neither Squidward nor Mr. Krabs own it; it belongs to the people of Bikini Bottom.

He places a glass cover to hermetically seal it (protect it from the air) and laments that it has to be shown in a "grease trap." Mr. Krabs takes umbrage at this and says "Oh, so now you're a restaurant critic."


  • Mr. Krabs calls him "Farkle" in the episode.