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Important notes!

NOTE: If you have some important notes, related to the wiki, please list them HERE!

  • Please add pages that should be constantly updated here.
  • Please do not create fanon articles on the main wiki. Please go to the fanon wiki if you want to create fanon work. Those who defect this will receive a warning, then a block, then a permanent block.
  • The adding of fake birthdays/ages will result in an immediate and infinite ban.
  • Please check the updated guidelines for episode articles, transcripts and galleries.
  • While filling parameter "briefsummary," please do not put "." at the end of the sentence. The period is already in the template.
  • From now on, we use Template:Episode on episode pages.
  • All DVD articles (now home video articles) are now unprotected and they need to be updated according to newly established guidelines.
  • Remember that the Manual of Style has been modified. Check it out to see the new revision, which involves placing character tabs on episode pages.

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