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  • [project] Please try to find as many other SpongeBob wikis as possible and put them here.
  • [policy] Please be sure to review Encyclopedia's policy page for a list of rules to follow.
  • [cleanup] Please check currently established guidelines: episodes, transcripts, galleries, credits, home videos, video games, characters and cast and crew.
  • [project] Many subgalleries that still need to be created. Click here to learn how to format them.
  • [policy] Remember that the Manual of Style has been modified. Check it out to see the new revision, which involves placing character tabs on episode pages.
  • [cleanup] Episode articles are currently under assessment. Click here for the index to the assessment ratings. You can see the progress of the articles there and if you are a reviewer, you can start making the assessment. If you want to be a reviewer, contact AMK152.
  • [project] Some characters need your help, click here to check it out.
  • [project] All galleries from this category need more photos
  • [policy] The adding of fake birthdays/ages will result in an immediate and infinite ban.
  • [project] All transcripts from this category need to be completed.
  • [editing] All pages that should be constantly updated should be specified here.


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