SpongeBob SquarePants Employee of the Month - Full Game (part 1)

SpongeBob SquarePants Employee of the Month - Full Game (part 1)

SpongeBob SquarePants Employee of the Month - Full Game (part 2)

SpongeBob SquarePants Employee of the Month - Full Game (part 2)


SpongeBob and his friends are taking a picture for the show's logo. After the photo, Mr. Krabs gets a package containing two free passes to Neptune's Paradise. Squidward sarcastically suggests that Mr. Krabs should give the tickets to SpongeBob for being "Employee of the Year". Mr. Krabs gives them to SpongeBob, and he gives the extra one to Patrick. SpongeBob and Patrick agree to meet up and go after SpongeBob is done with work.

Chapter 1: Employee of the Year

The game begins with SpongeBob outside of the Krusty Krab. Enter and talk to the hungry customer, who is waiting for his Krabby Patty. Pick up the dirty plate from the table next to the hungry customer and walk to the other side of the Krusty Krab. Go into the kitchen and pick up the plain Krabby Patty from the grill. Walk to the other side of the room and click and drag the plate into the sink to wash it. Go back out of the kitchen. Go to the salad bar and pick up the fixin's. Click the treasure chest in the upper left corner of the screen. Click and drag the plain Krabby Patty to the fixin's, then drag the Krabby Patty to the plate. Go to the hungry customer and click and drag the Krabby Patty on a plate to the hungry customer to give it to him. He will tell you that there is a bus that leaves for Neptune's Paradise every day in Downtown Bikini Bottom. This opens up Downtown Bikini Bottom. Click the telescope and click on the newly opened area.

When you are in Downtown Bikini Bottom, walk past Patrick to the end of the road into the jewelry shop. Talk to the jewelry shop owner and he will give you a bonus videotape. Walk back to Patrick and talk to him. He will tell you that there may be some buried treasure at Goo Lagoon that they can use to buy bus tokens. This will unlock Goo Lagoon.

At Goo Lagoon, go to the right toward Mussel Beach and talk to Larry. He will say that the only time he is tempted to cheat on his diet is for urchin chip pie. This unlocks Grandma's House.

At Grandma's House, go into the kitchen and talk to Grandma SquarePants. SpongeBob asks if she can make an urchin chip pie, but Grandma says that she is out of urchin chips. SpongeBob offers to go to the store and buy Grandma some urchin chips. This unlocks the Barg'N-Mart.

At the Barg'N Mart, a fish is seen walking out wearing clothes that look like Mr. Krabs'. Walk inside and talk to the nerdy fish behind the counter. He tells you that he will pay for your urchin chips if you wash his car. Go outside and wash his car. Go back inside and talk to the nerdy fish again. Walk to the other side of the store. Here, you will see Mr. Krabs, who has sold his clothes. Take the bottle of cooking oil in the bin next to Mr. Krabs. Walk into the aisle with the urchin chips and pick up the urchin chips. Go back to Grandma's House.

Go into the kitchen at Grandma's house and pick up the plain pie. Combine it with the urchin chips to make urchin chip pie. Go back to Goo Lagoon.

Go to Larry and give him the pie. He will jog off leaving his shovel and pail behind. Pick up the shovel and pail. Enter the giant sand castle, a.k.a Ray's Organic Tanning Salon, and walk up to Ray Soakin' up Rays. Talk to him, and give him the cooking oil in exchange for his sunscreen. Walk back to the lady standing in the shade by the entrance. Talk to her and give her the sunscreen in exchange for her parasol. Go to the other side of the beach and use the shovel and pail on the far left sand. You will dig up a treasure chest full of bus tokens. Take a few bus tokens and go back to Downtown Bikini Bottom.

Give the bus tokens to Patrick, and the bus driver will come out of the bathroom. Talk to him, and he will say that it is going to rain and he doesn't even have an umbrella. Give him the parasol and he will eventually agree to take SpongeBob and Patrick to Neptune's Paradise.

Chapter 2: Hitting Rock Bottom

While driving to Neptune's Paradise, it starts raining, causing the bus to stop in Rock Bottom. Walk inside the bus station and talk to the lady at the desk. She will agree to tell you about Rock Bottom if you get her a candy bar. Walk outside and go down the street to the restrooms. Walk inside and SpongeBob will get flushed down and will come out of a manhole with a quarter. Walk up the street to the bus stop and talk to the familiar looking guy who is kicking a Kelpsi can. After you talk to him, he will look away. When he looks away, take his can. Walk across the street to the vending machine. Use the quarter to buy a candy bar. Walk back inside the bus station and give it to the lady at the desk. She will tell you about the local TV station, WSEA. This will unlock WSEA TV.

Meanwhile, at The Rusty Anchor, Mermaid Man and Patrick are having a contest to see who can drink the most Kelpsi. At WSEA, go inside and talk to the lady at the desk. She will tell you that you cannot go any farther unless you are an employee. Go outside and walk around to the back of the station. Talk to Jojo the repairman and he will lend you his tools if you get him a Kelpsi. This unlocks the Rusty Anchor Bar.

At the Rusty Anchor, walk into the parking lot to find Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Mermaid Man is having gas problems from having a soda drinking contest with Patrick, and Barnacle Boy can't get him into the Invisible Boatmobile. Walk inside the bar and talk to the bartender. The bartender agrees to help Mermaid Man if SpongeBob watches the bar while he is gone. The bartender also allows SpongeBob to take some Diet Caffeine Free Coral Cola with a Lemon Twist since Mermaid Man and Patrick drank all the Kelpsi. Pick up the mug on the table and fill it with Cola. Combine the Kelpsi can with the mug to fill the can with soda. Go back to WSEA.

Give Jojo his "Kelpsi", and he will give you his tools. Put the tools on SpongeBob, and go back inside. The lady at the desk will mistake SpongeBob for Jojo and let him through. Go into the left door on the lower level to find Plankton, who needs help shooting a PSA for the Chum Bucket. After you help him, he will give you a bonus videotape. Go back to the main area, go up the stairs, and enter the door. Talk to Gary Gulper, the weather man, and he will tell you about the station's plans for creating a device that controls the weather, and about a zone of perfect weather. Look at the Mega-Screen 2000 to see that the perfect weather zone is centered around a cave. This will unlock Marlin's Cave.

At Marlin's Cave, the weather turns out to actually be clear. Enter the giant magic hat and pull on the slot machine until you get 3 arrows. Memorize the directions of these arrows. Continue on into the cave. Go in the directions that the arrows point. Taking a wrong turn will send you back to the start. When you reach the end, you will find Marlin's lair. Talk to Marlin the Wizard and he will tell you that he has been making the weather bad in order to prevent Gary Gulper from creating his weather controlling device and stealing Marlin's job. SpongeBob agrees to destroy the weather controlling device for Marlin if he promises to clear up the weather. He will give you a magic wand to break the seal on the door to the weather controlling device. Go back to WSEA.

Enter the TV station and use the magic wand on the door. Go into the door with the weather controlling device and fiddle with the controls.

Chapter 3: Back to Square One

The weather clears up and SpongeBob and Patrick get back on the bus, but on their way back, they act annoying on the bus, making the bus driver kick them out in Bikini Bottom. Walk into the diner and talk to Patrick. A waitress will then come out with Sandy's lunch. Talk to the waitress and offer to take Sandy's food to her. The waitress will tell you that she is in Jellyfish Fields. This unlocks Jellyfish Fields.

At Jellyfish Fields, walk to the right twice to find Sandy. Talk to Sandy and give her lunch to her. She tells you that she has a rocket and a free pass to Neptune's Paradise as well, so she tells SpongeBob to go home and get his water helmet before he can go to her treedome. This unlocks Home Lane.

At Home Lane, go inside SpongeBob's house. Open the door to his closet to find a bonus videotape. Walk over to SpongeBob's water helmet, only for there to be a sea snake in his helmet. Go inside Squidward's house and walk upstairs to find Squidward sleeping with his clarinet. Go back downstairs and look at the TV. This will unlock Sardine's Sundries.

At Sardine's Sundries, walk up to the store and talk to the hippie at the counter. He will tell you that you can take a pair of dream glasses for free. Walk over to the other side of the store to pick up the dream glasses next to the really familiar looking guy. Go back to Home Lane.

Walk into Squidward's house and use the dream glasses next to him. You will find yourself inside Squidward's dream. Walk up the lane and up the steps into the temple. Walk up to the stage and talk to Squidward, who will give you his clarinet. Go back to SpongeBob's house and use the clarinet on the sea snake, who will get out of the helmet and allow you to pick it up. This will unlock Sandy's Treedome.

At Sandy's treedome, put on the water helmet and enter the treedome. Sandy will tell you that she has lost the oxygen tanks that are needed to launch the rocket. The oxygen tanks can be found behind a picnic table. Give the oxygen tanks to Sandy.

Chapter 4: Bottoms Up!

While in the rocket, Patrick accidentally makes the rocket crash. Talk to Sandy and she will tell you to fill the oxygen tanks at Oxygen Springs. This will unlock Oxygen Springs.

At Oxygen Springs, talk to the security camera. The security camera won't let SpongeBob in because their dress code requires everyone to wear jackets. Go back to the Crash Site.

Talk to Sandy and she will tell you that she knows a man named Cowfish Craig who may have a jacket that SpongeBob can borrow. This will unlock Waverly Hills.

At Waverly Hills, look at the tree on the right and a coconut will fall down. Pick up the coconut. Go up to the gate and turn on the water in the fountain. Stand in the fountain to make SpongeBob absorb the water to trigger the pressure plate which opens the gate. Walk up to the golden house and talk to Carlton Ritts, the owner of the house. He will tell you that his neighbor, Cowfish Craig has stolen one of his golden coconuts. Go past the golden house and enter the shack to find Cowfish Craig. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he doesn't have any jackets, but he usually borrows one from Sublime Seafoods. He also agrees to let Carlton Ritts have his golden coconut back if SpongeBob finds him a better paperweight. Go into the back room and swap out the golden coconut for the normal coconut. Go back to Carlton Ritts and give him his golden coconut. He will give you a quarter in return. Go back to the Crash Site.

Walk to the right and fix the billboard for Sublime Seafoods. Go into the phone booth near Sandy and call Sublime Seafoods at 555-4444 using the quarter. This will unlock Sublime Seafoods.

At Sublime Seafoods, talk to the bouncer, and he will tell you that Sublime Seafoods is reserved for a private party. Walk to the left and talk to Timmy, who is giving anyone who can guess Sublime Seafoods' new slogan a free invitation. Walk to the left and look through the binoculars until you see Sublime Seafoods' slogan, which is "Tastes Like Chicken". Walk to the right and tell Timmy the slogan, and he will give you an invitation. Give the invitation to the bouncer and he will let you in. Walk up to Sublime Seafoods and tell the shrimp that you have a table reserved. Go up to the table and the waiter will come and ask for your order. When you order, you will order a Krabby Patty and get kicked out of the restaurant with your jacket on. Go back to Oxygen Springs.

The security camera at Oxygen Springs will now let you in. Walk up to Patrick and talk to him. He will request that you get his shorts for him, which were left inside the locker rooms. Inside the locker rooms, open one of the lockers to find a bonus videotape. Talk to the REALLY familiar looking guy, who was seen at the Krusty Krab, at the bus stop in Rock Bottom, at Sardine's Sundries, and now here. Two of his twin brothers walk by. SpongeBob, confused, is told that the guy has 4,132 twin brothers. One of his brothers lays Patrick's shorts on a hook. Pick up Patrick's shorts and give them to him. Turn on the oxygen valve and fill the oxygen tanks.

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