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Electric Eel
Eletric Eel
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Ice cream
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Neon green
Eye color: Blue/black
Classification: Eel
Series information
First appearance: "Walking Small"
Latest appearance: "Mall Girl Pearl"
Portrayer: Carlos Alazraqui ("Walking Small")
Alan Smart ("Enchanted Tiki Dreams")
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The Electric Eel is a neon green eel and a minor character in SpongeBob SquarePants.


Electric Eel is neon green with a blue fin running down his back. He also has a small light brown fedora with a purple stripe on his head.


In "Enchanted Tiki Dreams," SpongeBob and Patrick used him to sting each other and Squidward. In "Walking Small ," he stole SpongeBob's ice cream, and when SpongeBob wasn't assertive enough, Plankton got inside SpongeBob's mouth and yelled for him, making Electric Eel cry and run away, throwing the ice cream at SpongeBob. In "Mall Girl Pearl ," he briefly appeared walking by holding a shopping bag.



  • In "Walking Small ," he is seen to have the power to stretch over long distances. This may have meant to be done, as eels are usually long and skinny.
  • In "Walking Small ," he is shown to be taller than SpongeBob, but in "Enchanted Tiki Dreams " he is a bit shorter than SpongeBob, also being a brighter shade of green. He returns in "Mall Girl Pearl " with his original taller design.
  • In "Walking Small " he is portrayed by Carlos Alazraqui, but in "Enchanted Tiki Dreams " he is portrayed by Alan Smart.

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