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Elderly Snail

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Elderly Snail
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Orange, blue, green body.
Eye color: Green
Classification: Sea Snail
Series information
First appearance: "Gary in Love"
Latest appearance: "Plankton's Pet"
List of characters

The Elderly Snail is a sea snail who makes an appearances in the episodes "Gary in Love" and "Plankton's Pet."


She is an old looking sea snail. She has olive green colored wrinkly skin and a pink with a blue swirl, almost deformed shell. She has a blue bow on her shell as well. She wears light blue lip stick, blue eyes and straight black eyelashes.


Gary in Love

Gary mistook her for his dream snail, Mary. She has an elderly "meow," considering she is quite old.

Plankton's Pet

Plankton calls her "too sloppy" when he finds her at the animal shelter.

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