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Elderly Fish
Residence: Shady Lanes Assisted Living, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): Retired
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellowish tan
Classification: Fish
Series information
First appearance: "Drive Thru"
Latest appearance: "Hello Bikini Bottom!"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

The Elderly Fish is an elderly citizen of Bikini Bottom, who first appears in the episode "Drive Thru."


He is an elderly fish that is yellowish tan with yellow stripes on the side of his head and has a light green dorsal fin. He wears a light gray shirt and black pants.


In the episode "Drive Thru," he is a part of a running gag which involves Plankton getting run over by the Old Man and his car. Plankton drives up to the drive thru and is about to order a Krabby Patty, when the Elderly Fish drives up, and, not seeing Plankton, drives right over him. The Fish keeps then drives away because no one is there to take his order. The Elderly Fish returns later in the episode and runs over Plankton again. He appears again in "Hello Bikini Bottom!" when SpongeBob and Squidward are performing. He states that they are too loud, even when they weren't playing. He also appears in "Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!" as one the dancers at the Lady's Choice Dance.


  • In his first 2 appearances he couldn't hear anything; it's likely he has a hearing disorder or deaf.
  • He is the only character that appears mostly as a running gag in episodes.
  • He has been shown in two different retirment homes.
  • He has never appeared outside of Season 8.

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