The Elastic Waistband is a superhero who is first seen in the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V," and later appears in the episode "The Bad Guy Club for Villains." He is part of The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances. Patrick Star is briefly given this role. He has the ability to become very flexible. His costume is a green suit with blue and red goggles.


In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V," he is shown wearing a green costume, blue goggles with red holes, and yellow hair that was shown in SpongeBob's lunchbox.

In "The Bad Guy Club for Villains," he doesn't wear a mask, he has a white head band, yellow hair, and a purple suit.


  • Flexibilit: He can bend into different shapes and sizes.
  • Inflatable Gut: Reflects attacking projectiles.


  • If he gets stretched out too much he is temporarily unable to revert to normal (although this could just be Patrick's stupidity while wearing the suit)

Video Games/Online Games


  • The Elastic Waistband is a parody of Marvel's Mr. Fantastic, DC's Plastic Manand DC's Elongated Man.
  • In "The Bad Guy Club for Villains," The Elastic Waistband couldn't stretch but could only inflate his waist, allowing him to reflect things that came into contact with him.
  • His costume design is similar to 18-Volt's, from WarioWare, Inc.
  • An elastic waistband in real life is a stretchable device sewn into clothes in place of a belt; his name references his ability to stretch much like the device itself.
  • The Dirty Bubble particularly dislikes him.
  • He is also a squinkie in SpongeBob Squinkies.
  • Foes include Barnacle Man, Man Ray, and more.
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (VE)

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