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SpongeBob loses.


Eels and Escalators is a board game that SpongeBob and Patrick play in the episode "Sailor Mouth." It also makes a cameo in the episodes "SpongeBob's Place" and "Plankton Gets the Boot."


The game has two players. On the board are four eels, three 3D escalator pieces, and a start and finish line.

The concept is for the player to make it to the finish point before their opponent. By rolling a pair of dice, they move a certain amount of spaces each turn. Instead of numbers, the dice has three sides with one eel each, and three sides with one escalator each. If they land on the eels, they'll be moved back a certain number of spaces by "riding" the closest eel, closer to the starting point. If they get an escalator, you "ride" the nearest escalator, moving you upward and towards the finish.


  • If the player rolls two eels, they move down the board towards the eels. If the player rolls two escalators, they go up the escalators.
  • If the player gets four eels, they lose. If the player gets three escalators, they win.

Role in series

"Sailor Mouth"

SpongeBob and Patrick are playing this game at the former's house after they learn about the bad words and promise they would not say them anymore. SpongeBob keeps rolling eels while Patrick keeps rolling escalators. After SpongeBob loses the game, he uses bad word number 11. Patrick goes to tell Mr. Krabs but he accidentally also says the bad word, and the two both race to the Krusty Krab to tell Krabs about each other.

"SpongeBob's Place"

When SpongeBob is bored, the game can be seen on the floor of his house, along with numerous other objects.

"Plankton Gets the Boot"

The game can be seen on the floor of SpongeBob's house when he and Plankton are watching a movie.