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Ed Star
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Classification: Star
Grandparents: Maw Tucket (Grandmother)
Billy Bob Star (Grandfather)
Princess Tulsa (Great Grandmother)
Yorick (Great Grandfather)
King Amoeba (Great Great Grandfather)
Queen Mildew (Great Great Grandmother)
Aunts: Margie Star (by marriage)
Uncles: Herb Star
Cletus Star (Grand Uncle)
Prince Callous (Great Grand Uncle)
Prince Dingus (Great Grand Uncle by marriage)
Patrick Revere (Great Great Grand Uncle)
Cousins: Patrick Star
Sam Star
Gary the Snail
Ancestors: Pecos Patrick
Primitive Star
Other relatives: Carl (1st Cousin 2x Removed)
Patron (1st Cousin Several times removed)
List of characters

Ed[1] Star[2] is Patrick's cousin. He only appeared in the end of the book The Never-Ending Stay where he was going to stay at Patrick's rock for two weeks.


He has a mustache and is seen wearing purple and blue shorts. Like all of Patrick's family, he is an overweight pink starfish.


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