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Let 'er rip darlin'!
— Earl Cheeks, "Squirrel Record"
Earl Cheeks
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light brown
Eye color: Light yellow and black
Classification: Woodchuck
Possibly part squirrel
Siblings: Other Woodchucks (possibly)
Aunts: Ma Cheeks (by marriage)
Rosie Cheeks (Grand Aunt)
Uncles: Pa Cheeks
Cousins: Sandy Cheeks
Randy Cheeks
Scottish Cousin
Other Woodchucks (possibly)
Ancestors: Dark Knight
Western Cheeks
Series information
Appearance: "Squirrel Record"
Portrayer: Mr. Lawrence
List of characters

Earl Cheeks is a woodchuck who is Sandy Cheeks's cousin. He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence. He, and multiple other woodchucks appear in the episode "Squirrel Record."


Earl has light brown fur with a big overbite tooth and a small tooth. He is seen wearing a brown helmet with goggles attached to it.


He appears with multiple woodchucks for Sandy to break a record for woodchuck chucking, and they succeed.

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