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You can earn badges on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by editing pages, uploading photos, and leaving comments. Each badge earns you points - the more points you get, the higher up the leaderboard you go! You'll find the badges you've earned on your user profile page.

Badge farming

This is a list of signs of badge farming:

  • number of edits a user does on an article (some users edit the same article more than once or barely make any changes, and try to make the changes extend to a certain number of edits done, just to earn badges).
  • adding to articles, only to remove it seconds later (i.e: adding a period, and then removing the same period a second later).

Solutions to Badge farming for the Administration:

  • Warn the user. Warning a user works well, and can generally prevent badge farming. If that doesn't work…
    • Block the user. It is an extreme measure, but prevents the user from gaining access to the wiki just to get badges.


Note: Some badges in the gallery don't exist anymore.

Current badges

Image Name and description
Dancing with the Jellyfish
Awarded for adding 50 categories to pages
SpongeBob's Award
Awarded for making 500 article edits

Retired badges

Image Name and description
[[File:|100px|center]] '''''