This page documents an Encyclopedia SpongeBobia guideline. This is an accepted standard that editors must follow for purposes of improving the quality of content on the wiki.

This page provides the details into the layout and formatting used in the SpongeBob SquarePants video game articles.


Video game

{{Video game
|name = 
|Image = 
|Developer = 
|Publisher = 
|Distributor = 
|Designer = 
|License = 
|Series = 
|Engine = 
|Picture format = 
|Version = 
|Released = 
|Genre = 
|Modes = 
|Ratings = 
|Platforms = 
|Media = 
|Requirements = 
|Input = 
|Cabinet = 
<!-- video game description -->

{{VGArticle|<type1>|<type2>}} <!-- PS2/Game Cube/Xbox|Game Boy Advance|etc. [up to 10] -->

Video game
General Information
List of video games

Video games is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game......

{{:ESB:Video games/<type1>}}

{{:ESB:Video games/<type2>}}


{{Video game/walkthrough|<title>}}
{{VGArticle|<type1>|<type2>}} <!-- PS2/Game Cube/Xbox|Game Boy Advance|etc. [up to 10] -->

This article is a walkthrough for SpongeBob SquarePants video game "[[<title>]]".

{{:ESB:Video games/<type1>}}

{{:ESB:Video games/<type2>}}


{{Video game/gallery|<title>}}
{{VGArticle|<type1>|<type2>}} <!-- PS2/Game Cube/Xbox|Game Boy Advance|etc. [up to 10] -->

This article is a gallery of screenshots taken from the SpongeBob SquarePants video game, "[[<title>]]".

{{:ESB:Video games/<type1>}}

{{:ESB:Video games/<type2>}}

Type subpages

There are suppose to be as subpages as types for all three tabs.

Video game/<type>

<!-- synopsis -->

<!-- playable -->

<!-- non-playable -->

<!-- bosses -->

===Other=== <!-- everything else -->
<!-- other -->

====<platform>==== <!-- one section for each platform from type's name -->
{{VGControl|<command>|<relation>: <action><br><relation>: <action>}} <!-- relation can be "menu", "character", etc. -->

<!-- levels -->

<!-- reception -->

<!-- trivia -->

<!-- paragraph(s) -->

<!-- errors -->

===Episode References===
<!-- episode References -->

<gallery widths="200" captionalign="center">

===Other languages===
<gallery widths="200" captionalign="center">


==Level <number>: <level>== <!-- one section for each level -->
<!-- level walkthrough -->


<gallery widths="180" captionalign="center" position="center">


  • If some game is identical on more than one platforms only one tab is created for those platforms, but type needs to specify all of related platforms.
  • Contributors are allowed to add only "absolute categories" as a subsections of one of the 4 "Characters" subsections, not "relative categories."
  • Villains, friends and stuff like that are "relative categories," not "absolute categories."

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