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Muchacha (wall contribs 4,429)

 Muchacha is one of the nicest users here. I remember he did started off kinda rocky (with the "plan" to demote 120d at that time) but definately has improved over the months. I was surprised that he didn't get any adminship powers the second time around but I'm pretty sure he will the third time. He just keeps on editing and be nice to users on message walls, chats, and discussions even when they are rude back. That's User of the Month quality right there! Oie 1802857BzAW8Nqc ZeoSpark M COie 1803735YGCfTlCu  02:25,6/2/2014 


  • Support Support - He is a very kind user that is kind to everyone to the wiki and is fun to chat with. SpongeyTube Message Wall My Contributions  2:24,6/2/14 
  • Support Support - Muchacha is a great user, contributor, and friend. --Joseph Hawk talkcontribsglobal contribslog
  • Support Support - Muchacha is a great,nice,and a good friend he should get it. Road Runner1 (talk) 03:15, June 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • Support Support - agree. Muchacha has shown great improvement over the past few months and is certainly on the right road to Adminship! :) --Spongebob456 talk 07:50, June 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • Support Support - Sure! Deserves it!  -BronySpongePenguin (The Ultimate Fan of SpongeBob, MLP, Club Penguin, and Sonic!)
  • Support Support - He's an excellent contributor. Spongebob dancing gifTanhamman Ham Talks Gucci  01:28,6/3/2014 
  • Support Support - Muchaca has done a lot for this wiki!  The Running Dumpling (talk) 12:28, June 3, 2014 (UTC)
  • Support Support - Muchacha is one of the most friendliest people i've ever met, and he helps well with problems. :)
  • Support Support - Super nice dude, really deserves to be nominated! HobbitsLover HEY MASKY! 20:16, June 5, 2014 (UTC)
  • Support Support - Muchacha is very kind, he is fun to chat with. I actually think he is my 2nd favorite user on this wiki! I thought he was an admin, he isnt, but he is so nice that he should be one! Kidsview (talk) 15:56, June 9, 2014 (UTC)Kidsview


  • Oppose Oppose - Only because I think others are more qualified for first UoTM. Ωniθηζ ~ [Talk]



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