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This page is for the purpose of discussing discussion moderator requests. If you would like to make a request, you need to fill out the form so the community can discuss your request. Anyone failing to meet the requirements will have their request deemed invalid and closed.

General information

There are several requirements to request to be a discussion moderator. It is highly recommended that you are able to show examples that you are worthy of having discussion moderator powers. If your request fails, review the comments and take that as advice to help you in any future request.


Per Section B of the promotion policy, the requirements are:

  • a. At least one (1) month must have passed since the user's first edit.
  • b. The user must have at least two hundred and fifty (250) board thread edits.
  • c. The user must have a clean block record for at least three (3) months, not counting invalid blocks.
  • d. The user must have support from a majority of all administrators.
  • e. The user must have support from a majority of all bureaucrats. If the request fails to do so, it requires 75% support of administrators who are not bureaucrats for the request to pass unless otherwise stated.

List of abilities

The following abilities a discussion moderator has are shown below.

  • Archive wall posts (wallarchive)
  • Delete article comments (commentdelete)
  • Edit article comments (commentedit)
  • Edit wall posts (walledit)
  • Move article comments (commentmove)
  • Move wall messages (wallmessagemove)
  • Notify everyone about a Forum thread (notifyeveryone)
  • Remove wall threads (wallremove)
  • Delete comments on blog articles (blog-comments-delete)
  • Has admin access to the forums (forumadmin)
  • Remove group from own account: Discussion Moderators

Request form

  • 1. Replace USERNAME with your username in the box below.
  • 2. Click "submit."
  • 3. When you submit, fill out the information on the resulting page (username and description), then save the page.
  • 4. Copy and paste the following under "requests" of this page, replacing "USERNAME" with your user name:
  • Example: [[ESB:Requests for discussion moderator/USERNAME]]
  • 5. If you are making a second request, add "/2" to the page name below:
  • Example: [[ESB:Requests for discussion moderator/USERNAME/2]]
  • 6. For subsequent requests, add "/3," "/4," "/5," etc.
  • IMPORTANT: You must answer the questions within two (2) hours of your request's creation. Failure to do so will result in your request being closed as invalid.

Recent requests

Anyone with an unsuccessful request must wait seven (7) days before making another request.

Current requests

Name Link Dates  % Support Neutral Oppose Result Status
No current requests


The following is an archive of users who have requested to be a discussion moderator. The archive lists their username, dates of discussion, and the result.

Name Link Dates  % Support Neutral Oppose Result Status
TheThomas5252 (WC) #2 June 19, 2017 — June 27, 2017 100% 15 Successful Discussion moderator, Chat moderator
White Stranger is on time (WC) #1 May 8, 2017 — May 8, 2017 0% Invalid User
TheThomas5252 (WC) #1 February 17, 2017 — February 24, 2017 67% 14 3 4 Unsuccessful Discussion moderator, Chat moderator
Qwertyxp2000 the second (WC) #1 February 18, 2017 — February 19, 2017 0% 1 Invalid Assistant
Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls (WC) #1 January 27, 2017 — January 30, 2017 100% 15 Successful Admin
TheOneFootTallBrickWall (WC) #2 November 26, 2016 — December 3, 2016 90% 19 2 Successful Fmr. Admin
TheOneFootTallBrickWall (WC) #1 November 1, 2016 — November 6, 2016 71% 20 4 4 Unsuccessful Fmr. Admin
TrevorOntario719 (WC) #1 October 12, 2016 — October 19, 2016 83% 10 1 1 Successful Discussion moderator, Chat moderator
SpongeFreddy777 (WC) #2 October 10, 2016 — October 17, 2016 86% 12 1 1 Successful Fmr. Admin
MightyMorphinJon (WC) #1 July 20, 2016 — July 24, 2016 100% 14 Successful Fmr. Admin
SpongeFreddy777 (WC) #1 July 21, 2016 — July 21, 2016 100% 1 Invalid Fmr. Admin

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